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NATURELAB 1st Consortium meeting occurred in Greifswald, Germany on 27-30 May 2024. The event was hosted by the University of Greifswald, together with the project coordinator LNEC.


The event started with a warm welcome by the project coordination – LNEC, together with our local host – the University of Greifswald, at the Greifswald Botanical Garden, where everyone had the chance to socialise while contemplating a wide variety of local and exotic plant species.  

The morning of the first official day of the meeting was dedicated to the presentations and discussions of the project progress and the work package activities. It was followed by the experimental site characterization session and the NB therapists’ recruitment and training overview later that day. 

The second day started with the NATURELAB assessment model and continued with the Overall discussion and steps towards the implementation of NBT and its assessment.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the field trip to the healing Forest in Heringsdorf, located on the island of Usedom (https://www.heilwald-heringsdorf.de/en/Curative-and-Healing-Forest) as the participants were previously introduced to the concept of healing forests.

The third day of the event wrapped up the Consortium meeting with the overall discussion and steps towards implementing nature-based therapies, as well as Data Management and the NATURELAB mobile App development.

Overall, the NATURELAB 1st Consortium meeting in Greifswald was a success, highlighting on the partners´ collaboration and first outcomes and further project progress. Key discussions on work package activities and the practical aspects of implementing nature-based therapies set a strong foundation for the project´s next steps. The field trip to the Healing Forest in Heringsdorf was a great chance to experience practical use cases of the foreseen therapies. This meeting has surely strengthened the consortium’s commitment and inspired participants for the further advancement of nature-based therapeutic practices.

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