During the NATURELAB EU Project opening ceremony on June 28th, 2023, Sintra City Councillor Eduardo Quinta Nova conducted an absorbing overview on the importance of the environmental valorisation in cities towards the creation of a new citizen-friendly city model.

Based on the conciliation between environmental valorisation and the efficiency of nature associated with social inclusion and the promotion of quality of life, the living conditions of citizens and the promotion of health, this model has been adopted by Sintra Municipality in concrete actions that share common aspects and values with the NATURELAB project’s Nature-based Interventions (NBI).

Moreover, the adoption of this model based on green and blue infrastructures places emphasis on sustainable development and nature protection, while simultaneously covering social aspects such as the endorsement of public and environmental health, the creation of new green jobs and the empowerment and resilience of the communities.

As the territory of four of the NATURELAB Experimental Sites (ES), Sintra Municipality will be hosting innovative actions that will ultimately contribute to scientific research and to the improvement of the local communities’ health and quality of life. Through urban parks and farms, urban healing gardens, horticulture and gardening and, naturally, the Sintra-Cascais National Park, Sintra will be leading the way in the use of Nature-based Therapies (NBT) to contribute to the common welfare, urban balance and sustainable development.

We kindly invite you to watch the full video here.